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Listen to the wind

woensdag 22 mei 20:00-21:30 uur


Euritmie-opvoering door Eurythmy groep West Midlands. Poetry and Music.

Instelling: Vreedehuis

Bestand: listen_the_1554975614.pdf


Riouwstraat 1
2585 GP Den Haag

Telefoon: 06 5286 6598



Euritmie-opvoering door Eurythmy groep West Midlands. Poetry and Music.

Het programma is in de Engelse taal.

We are pleased to tell you of our exciting new touring programme for 2019.

Our title is: ”Listen to the wind”, the full programme is an allegorical journey looking for the identification of ourselves, through the shifting borders between different realities, spaces and human experience – trying to explore “who we are” from within and without in the context of all times. Exciting pieces include Janacek’s ‘Fairytale“ for Cello and Piano, revelatory works by Kathleen Raine, Zoltán Kodály, Debussy and more – and a good dose of humour – provide further material for this rich poetic-musical performance.

The seven gifted young eurythmists, who studied in different trainings, are originally from Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, Georgia, Canada, Japan and China. They came to England to enhance their performance skills with Eurythmy West Midlands.

They are pleased to be able to tour with experienced artists Bob Davie (cello), Alan Stott (piano) and Geoffrey Norris (speech).

Kaarten aan de zaal te koop; prijs 17, 50, studenten 12, 50. Let op! Contant te betalen aan de zaal.

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